Specific Prayer

You may include the name of a person you wish to pray for - maybe just the Christian name will do but the prayer details need to be specific.

If you do not wish to have your prayer published on this site but would still like us to pray for you click the PRAYER button and on the following page click the Private button.

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The power of prayer is recognised worldwide as something that works.
However, prayer needs to be more than just a general request.
Specific Prayer can really make things happen for you.

An example: A general prayer would have been for more volunteers to help at a
Luncheon Club run by a Christian organisation.
Rather than this prayer the request was for what was really required - a cook.
Within days, not only did someone volunteer
but the person was actually a professional cook!
That is Specific Prayer being answered.


If you have a Specific Prayer request - please let us know and we will pray with you.

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